Monday, August 29, 2011

Bridal Shower!

What a spread!

Tea party time!

The ladies working hard on a game!

Randi really made them work hard - look at the diligence!

My college roomies!
I was lucky enough to be thrown a wonderful bridal shower by my matron of honor, Randi. She opened up her house (one weekend after her son's first birthday party, to boot) and put on one heck of a party. While the pictures don't nearly do it justice, they do give an idea of all the lovely touches she added to the party. She had balloons, delicious food, crepe paper, and tea. Oh, and don't forget her signature drink - champagne, Chambord and a sugar cube - delicious! I had a wonderful time and felt absolutely spoiled the whole party long. She's an amazing hostess with a real talent for entertaining. I couldn't ask for a better Matron :)
More pics here!

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