Friday, August 5, 2011

Invitations are Mailed!

We had a little snafu with the envelopes for the invitations, but we persevered and got them in the mail today! It was a fun little adventure at the main post office here in Philadelphia to stamp every one. And then, of course, I forgot a pen, so I couldn't mark off my list to make sure we had mailed all the invitations that we had intended. Whoops! We ended up putting them back into alphabetical order and going through the list one by one. Turns out, I had lost an invite along the way, another whoops! It was the invitation for my Matron of Honor, Randi and her husband, so I'm sorry, Randi, but your invitation might be a little late :) Good thing she's already aware that she's invited! Haha! The other bummer was that Alex had just had an eye appointment, so his eyes had been dilated and he had to wear those crazy sunglasses. Poor guy still helped me out, though, attempting to read the names off and putting the stamps on straight! Mass mailings are always an adventure, and it reminded us of our days in high school and college, trying to stuff mailers for fundraising or a job. Well, I guess there's no turning back now, and it's less than two months to go!

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  1. Ha! I was wondering why my ma had one and I didn't !