Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Camping out Update!

The new tent is almost as big as our little backyard!

Alex is getting excited about the camping honeymoon!
We've been diligently preparing for our camping adventure for the honeymoon, along with preparing for the actual wedding. We recently purchased a new tent, and Alex was really excited to put it up in the backyard. We figured out how to put it up, and opened all the "windows" and "doors" (can you even call them that? Haha!). It reminded me of being a little kid, setting up the tent in the backyard, and thinking that I would spend the night back there. Then I realized there was no TV or snacks, and the ground is actually pretty hard, so I headed back into the house with my Strawberry Shortcake sleeping back, defeated. Hopefully, this won't happen when we're in Yosemite!

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