Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Theme: Aspens

First of all, I would like to emphasize that "themes" of things like wedding are not really my thing. Trying to find something do develop a theme around for a wedding has been somewhat challenging, but we'll see how this goes. When Alex and I first met, he talked a lot about the Aspen trees in Colorado. Their leaves are an interesting shape, and they sound like running water when the wind blows through them. In a forest of evergreens, they are the only trees that change their colors (to a vibrant yellow-orange) in the fall, creating an amazing burst of fiery orange among the green. Aspens reproduce by sending up shoots from existing root systems, meaning that a grove of Aspens you might stumble upon are likely considered just one tree. Aspens are delicate, requiring particular weather patterns, snow, and elevations, so they don't just grow anywhere. I found this tree to be pretty interesting, something I hadn't seen or experienced, and I was so excited when we actually stumbled upon some on our hikes in Colorado. This past September, on a trip to Wyoming, we were lucky enough to catch some of the Aspens changing. What an amazing sight!

So, this is something we're trying to work with. Although Ventura, CA doesn't really experience fall (or have Aspens) perhaps this interesting little tree can be a starting point for the theme for our wedding. Nevermind that the wedding will be on the beach, surrounded by (hopefully) blue sky, seagulls, ocean waves and the smell of salt air. We'll just pretend we're in the Rockies, enjoying the changing of the Aspens.

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